Sky News Interviews Rebellion’s Jason Kingsley at CES 2016 – 11/01/16

Virtual Reality is predicted to be the tech innovation of 2016 for gaming and other industries. Propeller client Rebellion sees itself as a pioneer of this exciting new era and is developing a VR game based on its much-loved arcade smash – Battlezone.

Sky News caught up with CEO and co-founder of Rebellion, Jason Kingsley, to talk about the future of gaming and VR at this year’s Consumer Electronic Show (CES 2016).

Kingsley told presenter Joe Tidy that Rebellion was investing approximately £5 million in the game saying, “That’s a lot of money but I think it’s recoverable.”

He explained that the success of VR depended on “third party hardware manufacturers who are releasing the headsets and [it is] ultimately up to the consumer to decide that it’s a good idea. We have been here before with VR but the (computing power) just wasn’t good enough and now I think the technology has the best shot at success.”

Propeller has helped position Jason as a spokesperson for the games industry and now virtual reality, gaining awareness for Rebellion and generating anticipation for Battlezone with this interview.

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