[U.S.] PR Account Executive

We’re looking for an ambitious Account Executive (AE) to join the growing stateside operation of Propeller Group and help us generate brand awareness and fame for an incredible crew of clients in the creative, innovative, ad and tech spaces. While Propeller PR’s UK-arm was founded over 10 years ago, we created Propeller U.S. in late 2021 to expand our offerings for global clients, offering full-service B2B PR, content and business development solutions to leading companies and agencies.

Each AE will have their own client caseload, working closely with senior account team members to dream up and execute full-fledged B2B PR strategies, from crafting pitches and press releases to drafting bylines, contributed content and speaking abstracts. Note that our AEs are client-facing and responsible for keeping things moving day-to-day—encouraged to correspond with client POCs over email and during meetings and ultimately honing their client consultancy skills in real-time under the guidance of senior staff to ensure goals are met. 

What do we do? Whether our clients are U.S.-based or global, seeking to build a profile from scratch or enhance an existing one, we help them reach key decision makers in their space by securing opportunities in the publications and industry events which matter most to their target audiences. 

How do we do it? By executing proactive media engagements that go far beyond news generation, each strategically designed to shift the conversation forward and define industry standards at the same time. Working closely with client teams, we create and elevate thought leaders by identifying concepts and ideas which not only set their businesses apart, but also matter to them as professionals—and then we help champion them to the world. 

Next steps 

Send us your CV to jobs@propellergroup.com and include a short accompanying note (300 words max.) explaining what qualities you could bring to the team here.