A very mobile breakfast

Croissants and geolocation-targeted mobile advertising? It must be another Mobile Breakfast hosted by marketing magazine The Drum!

Zee Ahmad, Director of Programmatic at Axonix, Rafe Blanford, Mobile Strategist at Digitas LBi, and Edward Knights, New Business Manager, MC & Saatchi Mobile, made up the panel of mobile experts and their predictions on the future of mobile marketing were insightful and

The discussion centred around how to make mobile adverts less annoying and more engaging. Knights rightfully moaned about a bike accessory advert that keeps popping up on his phone despite him purchasing it after the advert was displayed the first time.

Future collaboration was also a hot topic, as companies will be able to share data on customers and give them more accurate and targeted deals and offers.

It was fascinating and dumbfounding to hear the potential of mobile marketing and what could be popping up on our phones and tables in the near future!