AI Enters the Media Playground

This week Propeller headed down to Mediatel’s annual event, Media Playground, to see Blackwood Seven co-founder and Managing Partner, Henrik Busch, take the stage. Busch spoke about how AI is revolutionising media planning and buying, taking marketers away from gut feel towards known truths.

Finding the optimal and most efficient mix of media channels requires over 55,000 decisions to be made, he explained. As such the company develops AI unique to each of its clients – and often unique to specific products within that, such as different car models – to do the heavy lifting, based on 82 different sources of data.  What this gives brands is confidence that all factors which can impact the success of a campaign are taken into consideration, across all online and offline channels. Everything from how a TV ad might affect search, to how the weather or economic trends might be affecting performance, is attributed to success, and that insight is harnessed in future planning.

In terms of how this might affect the industry, Busch suggested that there would be some jobs replaced by AI – but gave the advice to keep calm and study algorithms. Suggesting that computer science could be a must for those looking to a future career in media.

It is always a pleasure to see our clients take the stage at popular industry events and thank you to a Mediatel for an excellent day filled with engaging and knowledgeable speakers.