Alysha Alibhai

Alysha is often the first person people meet when they visit the Propeller office. She started at Propeller as Admin Assistant and quickly became an essential part of the company. Now as Operations Manager, Alysha is the right-hand woman to the directors and oversees the finance, HR and general running of the office.


Five things about Alysha

  • As a child I was obsessed with Bollywood films and desperately wanted to be a Bollywood movie star despite not being able to speak a word of Hindi.
  • The number 1 song played on my iPod (yes I still have an iPod!) is ‘Smooth’ by Santana… It’s a great song!
  • If I ever have a bad day, Karl Pilkington always cheers me up.
  • Best life (and office!) advice you can give? Most problems can be sorted out by talking things through …. and/or restarting your laptop!
  • Inspirational quote: “Ginger Rogers did everything Fred Astaire did but backwards and in heels.”