Branwell Johnson

Branwell is Director of Content at Propeller. He is a former journalist with trade and consumer experience. He has held the position of deputy editor at Marketing Week and spent more than a decade explaining complex business and technology trends in easily digestible language and formats. His interview subjects have ranged from the CEO of Travelodge and the CMO of Fujitsu to the co-founder of Metro Bank and the director of customer experience at British Airways. He offers high calibre, editorially-led content solutions.


Five things about Branwell

  • I was launch editor for short-lived magazine DIY Power ‘The Only Men’s Mag About Power Tools’.
  • I have flown in an airship.
  • I once beatboxed on stage with Keith Lemon.
  • Occasionally I spend time in a flotation tank.
  • I am rigorous about the use of the possessive apostrophe.