Three for CNBC: Propeller clients comment on new Google HQ

Google’s announcement of a new London headquarters by 2020 was big news for the tech industry and the UK economy as a whole.

Naturally it didn’t go unnoticed here at Propeller!

With some quick dialling and the right journalist contacts we managed to secure coverage for three separate clients within the same article on international news publication CNBC.

Commenting on the announcement, Dennis Jones, CEO of JudoPay said, “At a time when some businesses are hesitant to invest, we – and Google – know that the path to growth is investing in the technology and talent of tomorrow.”

Gary Reid, managing director of EMEA and APAC at Forward3D echoed the positive sentiment, commenting, “That Google, possibly the most innovative company in the world, has overcome initial doubts about a post-Brexit investment, should be welcome reassurance to the industry.”

Director of TH_NK, Victoria Morrison was slightly more cautious about the long-term effect Google’s HQ would have on the UK economy saying, “This progress must be properly supported, by both public and private sectors. The government needs to ensure that we continue to have access to the brightest talent and infrastructure to make these technologies a success.”

We are always pleased to achieve coverage for our clients and we’re especially proud when we manage to secure exposure for three alongside each other.

Read the full piece here.