Dog ‘n’ Bone Podcast – Gordon Young Interview

In this episode…

Gordon Young, Editor-In-Chief, The Drum

In this special episode we interview Gordon Young, the entrepreneurial editor-in-chief of trade media brand The Drum interviewed by Propeller Group Founder Martin Loat. He explains how he started in publishing, the origins of The Drum empire and the value the magazine still has as a catalyst for events and what he now regards as the competition. We also hear how Gordon managed to outmanoeuvre an angry Scottish High Court judge and how comedian Omid Djalili landed him in hot water with RBS.

About Gordon Young:

Gordon Young is editor-in-chief of trade and co-founder of media brand The Drum. He is driven by a core belief that marketing has the power to change the world – hopefully for the better.

Parent company Carnyx Group was founded in 1984 and over the years the company has launched several trade magazines spanning sectors as diverse as architecture and law. However, it was a marketing-focused magazine called ScotMedia that outlived them all, later regenerating into ‘The Drum’. The brands ecosystem has grown since it launched in Scotland in 1985 to include a host of live events including the DTA, Drum Marketing, DADI and MOMA Awards as well as the Recommended Agency Register. It has a presence in Glasgow, London, New York and Singapore.