Dog ‘n’ Bone podcast: listen to exclusive Q&A with Campaign magazine’s Gideon Spanier

On this special edition of the Dog ‘n’ Bone, Martin Loat and Dino Myers-Lamptey host Campaign magazine’s UK editor-in-chief Gideon Spanier in an exclusive Q&A on the audio app Clubhouse. 

Listen in as Gideon discusses winning the BSME’s business and finance editor of the year, explores the lesser known factors which saw the Publicis and Omnicom merger fail – and reveals why Snoop Dogg is his favourite rapper.

I 100% believe in the power of reinvention. If you look at the fundamentals of advertising, marketing and communications, these services are becoming more important.

Banking, educational and health services are moving online and becoming more digital. As this happens, the role for creativity and communications increases. There is an irony that Accenture’s valuation can go up for buying creative agencies, but that WPP’s will go down because they own them. I think there has been a mis-match in valuations. Google and Facebook are ad-funded businesses that get an unfair share – but the issue is that the big agency groups have not evolved to chain themselves to this astronomic growth. Sir Martin Sorrell, free from the legacy he had, has set about creating a digital business that is intrinsically linked to this growth. So my point is this: anyone can reinvent as long as they get on with it.” 

- Gideon Spanier, UK Editor in Chief, Campaign Magazine

He also takes questions from industry luminaries who joined the Clubhouse room – including the likes of Stephen Maher, CEO of MBAStack, Ian Maude, MD at Ikaa Research and Tamara Littleton, CEO of Social Element. 

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