Dog ‘n’ Bone Podcast – Pemsel ‘n’ Ridding

In this episode…

The CEOs of Guardian Media Group and of the Financial Times – David Pemsel and John Ridding – sit down with Propeller founder Martin Loat to discuss how they are protecting quality journalism via their respective business models, their varied paths to the top job, their decision-making processes and their most awkward business moment.

Listen in as they reflect on the challenges of working with naturally sceptical journalists and how they intend to bring diversity and fresh perspectives into their organisations.

About the guests:

David Pemsel is CEO of Guardian Media Group and has held the roles of Commercial Director, Marketing Director and Deputy CEO at GMG. He is also a former ITV Director of Marketing and former Managing Partner at advertising agency St Luke’s.

John Ridding is CEO of the Financial Times and former Editor and Publisher of the Financial Times, Asia. He has also held the roles of Deputy Editor and Managing Editor at the FT.