Let our Hub and Blades propel your business!

The communications industry is changing. Propeller Group’s range of services are changing too.

Media coverage is still a big part of what we do, but in the modern comms landscape our consultancy and advice is now just as relevant across other channels such as events, video, podcasts, eBooks, White Papers, and B2B social platforms such as LinkedIn and Medium.

Our clients are increasingly looking for a joined-up comms approach that combines brand-building PR with lead generation activity, to get them in front of the companies and people they want to do business with.

As Propeller’s service offer has evolved in line with changing market requirements, we have also created a new ‘hub and blades’ Propeller methodology and mindset, inspired in part by our name and logo, geared towards helping companies ‘find the hub’ – a central pivot around which a company’s core messages can rotate.

In carefully engineered strategic hub sessions, Propeller will seek to locate the axis point of what makes a company most exciting to its target audiences – whether that’s clients, prospects, industry peers, investors, employees or consumers. This strategic framework shapes and informs the creative thinking, planning, execution and effectiveness of our work for clients.

The outcome of Propeller’s ‘find the hub’ process? Clear and concise business advice on the most impactful PR, content and events ‘blades’ that will help build brand awareness, achieve cut-through and generate sales opportunities.

We’ve evolved and revolved the Propeller approach to help clients better ‘find the hub’ of what to communicate, when and how. If you’d like to give this new way of looking at your business a spin, get in touch.