Neurodiversity Celebration Week with Propeller Group

At Propeller Group, we believe that diversity fuels innovation, and that includes celebrating the unique strengths and perspectives of neurodiverse individuals. This Neurodiversity Celebration Week, we’re proud to reaffirm our commitment to fostering an inclusive and supportive workplace for all.

We’ve asked some of our colleagues to share what Neurodiversity Awareness Week means to them, and how Propeller Group has fostered a more positive and inclusive approach to neurodiversity:

Alex Humphries-French, Senior Account Director, PR:

Life is a colourful tapestry and the workplace is no different. Propeller Group reflects the ever changing, exciting mix of people and empowers us to feel comfortable in our own skin. Enabling us to be the best we can be!
Neurodiversity awareness week is not just about changing the stigma of “different” people, but celebrating differences. Creating the foundations to drive innovation and creative thinking.

Calum Stewart, Senior Business Development Manager:

To me, neurodiversity awareness is about education to end the stigma and negative stereotypes attached to it. But also drive awareness to those that are struggling and are unsure why, so they feel comfortable to seek support.
Propeller has allowed me to be open about my challenges as a neurodiverse person and given me a voice to help make impactful changes to the way we work as a company. Providing me with all the tools to help me work better and building the foundation to support others in the workplace. It’s not enough to just say you’re an inclusive workplace, there has to be actions to prove it, and Propeller is actively working to be the best place to work for all types of people.

Mia Priddie, HR / Office Assistant:

“Neurodiversity week is a great way to celebrate and highlight everybody’s different strengths and perspectives. Propeller Group has a culture where everybody can be themselves and thrive.”

Josh Govier, Business Development Manager:

“Neurodiversity week means a great deal to people like me, raising awareness beyond awareness to actual knowledge is key to integrating societal changes that not only encourages the best of people with neurodiverse minds, but celebrates the cognitive nuances that come with it.
Propeller has been a business that has done just that in my short time with the company – letting employers know you’re autistic can be a scary thought but when I did, I quickly learnt that it wasn’t only catered for, but came with its own board for neurodivergence. Real initiatives, real talk. That’s what celebrating looks like.”

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