New Dog ‘n’ Bone featuring Mark Howe!

Dog ‘n’ Bone host Martin Loat welcomes ad media industry figurehead and Google MD for Ad Agencies in EMEA – Mark Howe – ahead of his “semi-retirement” after an illustrious 41-year career.

The pair touch on a range of topics, including supply chain issues in the media industry, client side suspicion of overpromising agencies, a greater need for transparency and how a tech company cull is an inevitability.

The episode also features questions from our call-in guests:

Stevie Spring, Chairman, British Council.
Sarah Parkes, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer, Talon Outdoor
Rachel Forde, CEO, UM London
Mike Anderson, Media Consultant

WARNING: This episode features personal anecdotes from a previous era in the media industry, listener discretion is advised!

Tune into the episode here.