Propeller flicks the switch for a debate on A.I. in creative agencies

Forget Mad Men vs. Math Men – it’s now Mad Men vs. The Machines. Or is it?

Forward-thinking creative agencies are beginning to investigate how to work with A.I. and its sub-set machine learning, following the lead set by media agencies.

There are obviously efficiencies in automating some of the processes and workflow in an agency but what about the creativity? Is A.I. going to fundamentally transform the DNA of how creative agencies operate and mean the end of capturing ‘lightning in a bottle’? Can using these ‘fourth industrial revolution’ tools turbo-power creativity? What skill sets will the ECD of the future need or are they redundant and will we see the era of the adbot?

Our session Can Robots Crash The Creative Party? at Ad Week Europe on March 22nd will explore these issues with a panel of representatives from creative and media agencies with experience of working with A.I., focusing on the friction points and the learnings. The line-up includes Pete Conolly, Creative Director at MPC Creative, Grace Francis, Experience Planning Partner at Grey London, Henrik Busch, Managing Partner at Blackwood Seven and Jon Goulding, Founding Partner of Atomic London. The panel will be chaired by our own Director of Content Branwell Johnson.

This will be a great opportunity to hear how people at the creative sharp end are learning about, preparing for, and using A.I. It’s uncharted territory and everyone can contribute to filling in the map.

Ad Week Europe 2017

Where: IPA Centenary Stage, Picturehouse Central, Shaftesbury Avenue

When: 3pm Wednesday March 22