Propeller Group partners with MAD//Fest – come and say hello!

Someone once told me that the art of networking is a lot like nutrition and fitness: we know what to do, but the hard part is making it a top priority. It is an investment that takes time and effort – but if done correctly and regularly then results soon follow.

Industry events are a great place to grow your network and broaden your understanding of the challenges both your peers and your competitors are facing. But they can be hit or miss.

At their worst, some events are not much more than a series of sales pitches from a stage, where conference halls are filled with a sea of people shuffling from stand to stand, pitching their pitch without any kind of quality engagement.

But the best events can be transformative experiences for audiences. They can deliver a  programme of amazing speakers, curated content and targeted networking in an inspiring and entertaining space that more than justifies the time spent out of the office.

MAD//Fest ticks all these boxes, so we’re delighted to be partnering with the show this year, taking place on Wednesday 13th and Thursday 14th November 2019 at the Truman Brewery, London.

MAD//Fest debuted last year, connecting 60 sponsors and exhibitors with 2,700 influential decision makers, and 2019 is expected to be even bigger. It’s expecting 4,000+ attendees and 1000+ brands to attend, from the likes of Google to Greggs, Chelsea FC to Extinction Rebellion. The above figures alone show what an incredible platform for new business MAD//Fest offers.

The Upfront team will be there working with our clients to maximise what they get out of the experience. We’ll be setting up meetings, networking our way around – and crucially – following up on friendly conversations to turn them into impactful business conversions.

If you fancy a beer and a bite to eat – come say hello at our table at the MAD//Picnic, where 500 of the UK’s top advertisers, agencies and media owners will be gathering for an al-fresco experience with London’s best food, craft beer, entertainment and music.

We’ll also be running a podcast live from MAD//Fest where we will be interviewing attendees and getting a sense of what drives people mad about marketing – and what topics they are madly in love with. We’ll be recording across both days – so if you see us and are feeling inspired by the myriad of creativity on display – come and say hello!

MAD//Fest London is a place where the content gets the room talking – not checking emails in the back row. And with 75% of attendees in the marketplace for marketing and design tech solutions, it is a must for vendors and agencies.

Meaningful connections are the real currency of events, but the opportunities to connect at MAD//Fest start well before the event itself kicks off. The MAD//Fest app allows you to get ahead and connect with leads ahead of time – and we’re using this to connect our clients with the world’s top brands, agencies and publishers as they plan their strategic investments for 2019.

Networking really is like training a muscle. The more you do it, the better you get, and the more results you see. But it requires commitment. You can’t go to the gym once and expect instant results – much in the same way you can’t network and win new business from a single conversation. It’s all about commitment – you need to be interested in who you talk to, and make sure you follow up and put the effort in to allow the relationship to blossom.

MAD//Fest is an opportunity for like-minded peers to come together and network amidst a sea of topic-themed brand challenges, immersive tech experiences and intelligent conversation. Really, you’d be mad not to.