Propeller Group partners with WACL to bring Cannes Lions first women’s space

In a groundbreaking move to foster inclusivity and empower women in the advertising industry, Empower Cafe is set to make its debut at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity this June. Spearheaded by Karen Stacey, CEO of DCM, and Louise Watson, Associate Director at Propeller Group, this initiative promises to be a game-changer.

Opening Doors to Inclusivity

Located at L’Avenue, Empower Cafe is strategically positioned near the Palais, making it easily accessible for attendees. While the focus is on providing a space for women within the industry, Empower Cafe warmly welcomes individuals of all genders. From Monday to Friday throughout the festival, the cafe will serve as a vibrant hub for networking, curated content, and collaborative opportunities across various sectors including creative, media, technology, and advertising.

A Response to Industry Demand

With tens of thousands of industry professionals converging at Cannes each year, the need for a dedicated space where individuals can connect and recharge is more pressing than ever. Empower Cafe aims to fill this void by offering a central, women-led hub where voices can be amplified, connections can flourish, and inclusion can thrive.

A Collaborative Effort

Empower Cafe is not just a standalone initiative; it’s a collaborative effort supported by key players within the industry. Networks like Bloom, Join Our Table, and The Women in Programmatic Network, alongside sponsors like DCM and Adswizz, have rallied behind this project to make it a reality.

A Platform for Change

Karen Stacey, CEO at DCM and Vice President of WACL, emphasized the importance of creating inclusive spaces: “With the Empower Lounge, we’re changing the narrative. This space is about amplifying the voices of women, fostering meaningful connections, and championing diversity.”

Louise Watson, Associate Director at Propeller Group, echoed this sentiment: “Our shared ambition is to provide a platform for collaboration, mentorship, and inspiration. We’ve witnessed firsthand some of the challenges women have faced at the festival, and we’re hoping to address this with the provision of this hub.”

Frank Starling, Chief DEI Officer at Cannes Lions, underscored the festival’s commitment to fostering inclusivity: “Our space is a cornerstone of this belief, offering a sanctuary for all attendees to find comfort, build connections, and empower one another.”

As the advertising industry continues to evolve, initiatives like Empower Cafe are essential in driving progress towards greater inclusivity and gender equality. With its launch at Cannes Lions, this groundbreaking initiative promises to be a beacon of empowerment for years to come.