Propeller team buries the hatchet at axe-throwing event

By Ben Tozer, Account Executive

Throwing an axe was never something Propeller or myself had ever considered for a team-building work night out. The assumption is that it’s a pursuit for lumberjacks, medieval knights or burly men with nothing better to do. However, an up-for-it group of us sharpened our axes and went to Whistle Punks ‘Urban Axe Throwing’ venue in south-west London to try our hands (although hopefully retaining them) last week.

The bearded Whistle Punks instructors might have looked intimidating but they were friendly and helpful and after a few practice throws and corrective advice, the majority of us were able to hit the target consistently and increasingly towards the bullseye

After practising came a friendly (!) tournament between us. This is where I showed my new-found athletic axe-throwing prowess. Beating axe throwing competitors such as the dark horse Director of Content Branwell Johnson, the experienced axe-thrower Will Parrott and professional office paper-ball thrower Rory Leader, I was crowned the winner of the tournament. Now, are they still casting extras for Game of Thrones?