Propeller’s Strange New Reality

It’s the future, I’ve seen it!

Propeller learnt about VR (virtual reality) and AR (augmented reality) at the latest in the Augmented Reality series at University College London.

This session was based on job opportunities in the VR and AR industries and was sponsored by video developers and fellow Soho inhabitants Amplified Robot. Providing the expertise on the future of the VR jobs market was Dan Sheridan, Communications Manager of nDreams, Rob Kraitt, Agent of Casarotto, and gaming recruitment company Aardvark Swift who joined in via Skype.

It was remarkable hearing about the latest industry trends, with one games developer in the audience saying they receive five scripts a month for VR games, and the possibility of multiple narratives happening on one VR game was also explored. Even the National Theatre now has a department for VR experience production!

It is always refreshing to hear more about new industries where the experts are just out of university, and no one’s certain where the limits lie. Here’s to an exciting future for VR!