Rebellion make Rory Cellan-Jones an Action Hero

BBC News Tech Reporter Rory Cellan-Jones was invited to the Rebellion studios to become a character in the latest version of their popular game series Sniper Elite.

Cellan-Jones “had to pull a lot of funny faces” in order for the studio to get an accurate likeness in the game and was delighted to be a good guy in the World War II epic: Sniper Elite 4. Rebellion founder Jason Kingsley also gave a tour of their creative studios in Oxford.

It is an exciting time for Rebellion who are producing “entertainment that sells across the world” according to Kingsley, and have launched their first virtual reality game for Sony PlayStation – Battlezone.

The feature appeared both on BBC News and also on the BBC News website, showcasing Rebellion’s excellent work for the UK games industry and beyond. Click here to watch the video.