Rory Leader

Following graduating from University and completing an internship at Ipsos Mori, Rory joined Propeller as an intern in April 2017. Rory’s combination of unrelenting charm and talent for writing saw his place at Propeller made permanent, becoming an Account Executive in late July.


Five things about Rory

  • Football enthusiast and a long suffering Arsenal fan, holding a season ticket since 2000. Refusing to be yet another story of a young footballer with dreams of turning professional dashed by a blossoming career in PR.
  • Keen gamer. Responsible for the grisly end of countless n00bs worldwide.
  • Is of the opinion humanity peaked culturally and sonically upon the release of “Hey Ya!” by Outkast in 2003.
  • Has been known to creatively interpret tying shoelaces into dance.
  • Can complete an extremely specific trick with two empty beer bottles and one hand. More information available on request.