The Shopper-tainment explosion – join Propeller at Ecommerce Expo/TFM

Propeller loves to explore burgeoning trends of interest to our clients and that’s why we are delighted to be hosting a panel on ‘Shoppertainment’ at the Ecommerce Expo/TFM virtual event this month.

Our Director of Content Branwell Johnson will be quizzing a panel of retail experts in front of a small studio audience on how we can define this phenomenon, already huge in Asia, and what the opportunities might be for brands, retailers and their agency partners.

In case you need a pointer Shoppertainment has been described as “a concept that blurs the lines between e‑commerce, entertainment and everyday lifestyle, engaging consumers in a highly immersive and interactive experience, such as livestreaming events, pictures, videos, and interactive games, to ultimately drive transactions.

But can online retailers and brands step up to the challenge issued by Dan Dan Li of shopping app Popshop Live, who said: “Entertainment is mobile first, social is mobile-first but ecommerce is in the Stone Age”?

AliExpress, who will be joining the panel, has already conducted research in Europe that shows 70% of respondents are interested in ‘Shoppertainment’. However, is the UK ready for these kind of hyper-kinetic, livestreaming-meets-ecommerce events on social media platforms? Or will consumers prefer something more sedate and stick with the QVC shopping channel on TV?

Here’s a demo reel from the company Shoppertainment LIVE to get a feel for the topic.

Joining Branwell will be Chloe Taylor, founder and CEO of online vegan fashion marketplace and a social media influencer, Graham Wilson, Head of Business Development at Sofology and Vita Chang, Head of Content Operations Ecosystem at AliExpress.

You can find out more session details here and register to attend EE/TFM for free at

We hope you’ll join us for this virtual session on September 29th at 3.15 pm in The Future of Digital Marketing strand. May be best if you leave your credit card in the drawer though – who knows what you’ll be tempted to buy?