‘Solve Don’t Sell’ – Winmo and Propeller to reveal what clients really want from MarTech providers at Ad Week

Competition is fiercer than ever if you are a MarTech vendor. COVID-19 has brought new pressures to bear on CMO and IT budgets. Marketing, Media, Digital and Technology decision makers are all under pressure to deliver greater ROI on a smaller budget. 

But equally there is opportunity, as companies realise that they need to find new platforms and channels to reach their audiences in a world where people are spending more time researching, shopping and finding entertainment online.

Equally, there is an imperative for businesses to identify efficiencies in their processes and to wring every last drop of ROI from their MarTech stacks. 

Gartner’s CMO survey for 2019 showed a drop of 10% in the percentage of CMO budget given over to Martech on 2018. In overall terms the MarTech budget fell from 29% to 26% of allocated marketing budget. But what are people experiencing in this year of upheaval? Are big budget projects being fast-tracked or put on hold?

Propeller and Winmo’s panel at Ad Week 2020 will look at the current landscape and what budget-holders seek when running the rule over a prospective MarTech partner. Marketers value tools and platforms that can help achieve their goals but they don’t want to wade through a blizzard of buzzwords and hype. There’ll be advice on how best to approach decision-makers and much more in this punchy but constructive session.

Taking part in the panel are Kerry Dawes, Director of Marketing Technology at TUI Group and Winmo CEO Dave Currie. Dave is a BD specialist who  has helped guide thousands of agencies and MarTech providers when selling their solutions to clients, while Winmo is a sales prospecting tool that delivers the information vendors need to identify opportunities and close more deals with advertisers and agencies.

The session will be chaired by Propeller Group Director of Content and former Marketing Week Deputy Editor Branwell Johnson. It’s a must for any MarTech vendors or brand-side budget-holders looking to learn how to better evaluate potential partners.

You can watch the ‘Solve Don’t Sell’ session on Friday October 2nd at 11.30 am on The Future of MarTech track at Ad Week.