TH_NK celebrates Facebook’s 10th Anniversary

04.02.14, Read full article on the Wall

Ten years after Facebook launched, we’re back to the days before Facebook

By Tony Jiang is strategist at digital agency TH_NK.

Before Facebook, most social sharing among my group of friends happened on instant messaging via MSN. Depending on your own group of friends you might have used AIM or Yahoo instead. Most of the photos we shared were via e‑mail, with large albums uploaded to YouSendIt or another cloud storage server. Most of my friends had social media profiles, automatically created by MSN, but few of us posted there regularly. Then Facebook came along. By 2006, when I started at university, practically every single student in my year had it. We shared everything on Facebook: what we were up to, our relationship status, movies we watched, pictures from events, classes we were attending, our plans for the weekend, everything.