When the going gets Tough, Propeller gets going!

It was a mucky muddy time for the Propeller team last weekend, as a group of us ran the Tough Mudder Half to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support.

Journeying down to Ifield, 11 Propellerites took on the challenge of running five miles in the muddy fields and woods whilst attempting to overcome 13 obstacles of varying degrees of difficulty and fiendishness.

The Propeller (amateur) athletes took on the course decked in the bright green of the Macmillan tops kindly provided to us by the charity and we helped each other over, under and sometimes through all that stood in our way.

This took a lot of effort as the Tough Mudder proved to be just as daunting as we feared! Special mention must go to ‘The Block Ness Monster’ where we had to push each other over rotating blocks whilst up to our chests in cold muddy water, and ‘The Pyramid Scheme’ where Propellerites were running at sixty-degree angles trying to get to the top of a slippery slope.

Nevertheless. we got through it together and crossed the finish line arm in arm. The drinks we were provided with at the end have never tasted so good.

We want to thank all our fantastic supporters who donated money to the cause and so far, we have raised £1,777. Macmillan is doing incredibly inspiring work to support those affected by cancer and every donation is very much appreciated.

If you’d like to contribute, it’s not too late. Please visit our justgiving page now to add to the total donations.

And well done to all Tough Mudder runners who completed the challenge.