Yes we Cannes

By Anna Fireman, Account Director

As a first timer at Cannes I didn’t know what to expect, the industry seems very much divided on the topic, with one half dismissing it as self-congratulatory and the other half lauding its continued importance.

My impression was that it’s a fantastic meeting ground for people to take a moment and address the wider issues at play (helped along by Extinction Rebellion protesting on the steps of the Palais). I can’t think of anywhere else where you could go from talking to the global CMO of an advertising agency to the head of a trade body in a matter of steps.

Propeller was on the ground supporting clients, including global media network PHD, who collaborated with the global strategy brand consultancy eatbigfish, to announce the launch of their new book, Overthrow II- 10 strategies from the new wave of challengers. Co-author Adam Morgan was joined by panelists from leading disruptor brands challenging the status quo to discuss and debate what it means to be a successful challenger in 2019.

Panelists included leaders from three pioneering challengers across a number of different industries, including; Pascal van Ham, Marketing Director at chocolate brand Tony’s Chocoloneley; John Schoolcraft, Global Chief Creative Officer of oat milk company Oatly; and Elio Leoni Sceti, co-founder of global investment house The Craftory.

Highlights from the panel discussion include John Schoolcraft announcing that, “Nobody out there is interested in what a company has to say about themselves. Instead, talk about how to create systematic change in the world, if you sell products as a result, that’s great.

Big thank you to Newsworks, who pulled out all the stops by getting Craig David to play a gig on Le Rooftop, Google for getting everyone dancing to Justice and Spotify for the amazing gigs.