Bowie songs help YouTube’s IPA Effectiveness Week event to blast off

We were truly dazzled at YouTube’s Delivering Fame & Fortune For Brands event at its King’s Cross HQ – and that’s before the case studies were presented.

YouTube sprinkled its customary stardust over its IPA Effectiveness Week session with a choir singing a David Bowie/Elton John medley before speakers got down to the nitty gritty of exploring how online video can underpin effective brand building campaigns.

The audience of brand representatives and agencies then heard from marketers at Mars, EE and Halifax talk about their YouTube strategies. Tim Male of Halifax explained how its jargon-buster ‘How To’ series of videos was well-received thanks to its simple, visual metaphors rather than standard financial services advice; while Pete Jeavons of EE highlighted how important it was to tread a fine line with the company branding when working with YouTubers on its EE Wembley Cup series.

Mike Davies of Mars UK emphasised that YouTube is essential to reach the millennial audience and said: “There is only one direction of travel for millennials. In the short term, online video might not drive massive, life-changing results – but if don’t do it now, it’s going to bite you on the behind in 10 years’ time.”

The ultimate message to the audience was not to treat YouTube just like another channel but to make sure all the way through the development and production process everyone involved understands it is a unique environment.