Blockchain Bonanza is back

As testimony to the longevity of great content, it’s fantastic to see Propeller’s blockchain explainer video ‘Blockchain Bonanza’, created in 2017, still being applauded and shared by the industry (see recent posts below). 

Many tech companies create uninspiring explainer videos for their technology solution that may be effective at conveying what their product or service is about but tend to be generic and won’t have recall. 

We wanted to prove that creativity has a place in explainer videos and set ourselves a challenge to illustrate in simple terms one of the most complex technologies out there. 

It’s very easy to follow expectations for a brief like this and produce a corporate animated explainer or talking head video – but being creative while still delivering the essential messages will get it shared more.  And it proves strong content is evergreen. 

B2B doesn’t have to mean boring to boring.

You can view our video on YouTube here

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