How should brands communicate in a crisis?

For many brands and their CMOs, we are in uncharted territory. 

The current health crisis has become the context for every conversation – and brands have had to quickly make decisions and adapt their communications to reflect this new landscape. 

In our latest Views on the News podcast, we spoke with three leading CMOs from varied sectors to discuss how brands can communicate through crises. 

Below are a few highlight quotes from the episode:

Simon Lloyd, Chief Marketing Officer at “This is a difficult time for brands – but it’s also a time where brands can return to their roots and really think about who they are, why they exist, and what they can do to support people in an optimistic and positive way through this crisis. I commend brands that are taking this chance to engage positively and responsibly with clear communication around the steps they are taking. Actions like this will be remembered when we get out of this crisis.”

Zoe Clapp, Chief Marketing Officer at Premiership Rugby: “Brands shouldn’t change personality overnight. If you’re an entertainment brand, I do think it’s still appropriate to speak in an entertaining way.

I think the ones that feel clunkier are when a brand comes across as overly earnest – you know the letter from a CEO saying that they are there to support you through this difficult time and you think “oh, you’re a garden center I visited three years ago… That doesn’t sound right.”

Pete Markey, Chief Marketing Officer at TSB: “The most important thing for brands is to keep listening and understand how people are feeling. There will be a moment when we will all as brands and people want to move on – but right now the absolute priority is to listen. 

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