Insights from VideoWeek’s New Video Frontiers

VideoWeek’s New Video Frontiers is one of the first go-to events added to the calendar. A celebration of video innovations across the “multi-verse” of channels available to audiences, with leading brands, analysts, tech solutions and agencies in attendance to discuss the latest ways to understand and engage the audience.

We caught up with the team who shared their key takeaways from the event:

Alex Humphries-French, Senior Account Director: “It’s hard to pick out one single quote or nugget of insight, but I walked away with a sense that we’re in good hands when it comes to managing a deeper understanding of the audience, even beyond “cookie-geddon!” This summer will see an exciting mix of sport in Europe, a huge chance to engage younger audiences across multiple channels. Bex Smith, former International Footballer and founder of Crux Sports highlighted the fact that storytelling is key to engagement, especially with blossoming fans – food for thought when kicking off a campaign this Summer.”

Moyo Alli-Balogun, Account Executive: “Daniel Mogridge, Media Lead at Vodafone, discussed the true worth of TV advertising using the iconic Go Compare Ad as an exciting example. He reminded us of the enduring value of television commercials by highlighting how captivated his young daughters are by the ad, suggesting that its impact may resonate with them well into adulthood when they consider purchasing insurance. This reinforced the significance of TV ad investment and how it does pay off in the long run.”

Mykayla Carr, Account Director: “No surprises that measurement was a big talking point of the day – it was still the main demand from brand side marketers and agencies alike who want more clarity (and more solutions) on metrics and data, in a language they understand. So, in some sense, the conversations around CTV are still the same as they were two years ago. 

But in other ways, the conversation has moved on, and it was clear from marketers on both sides that they want to know about things like new and innovative ad formats, what the implications and potential new opportunities will be from the SVODs introducing advertising tiers, how Freely entering the market will shake things up, and more. Overall, there was a real sense of optimism for the industry, and a real appetite to see CTV grow and a desire to be part of that growth.”

Anthony Leeds, Account Director: “My favourite conversations were the most important ones of the day. Both the climate crisis and the current state of inclusion in our industry remain the most critical talking points. Without widespread action from the industry, there won’t be any need for advertising when the planet becomes inhospitable, and it certainly won’t attract the talent that can drive this change to save us. Whilst they aren’t the easiest conversations, you could sense that the room had been given a starting point to assess the impact they can make as individuals. Afterall, we are an industry full of tools, ideas and expertise- people just need to know where to find it all.