Lessons from PR Paradise

As I walk through the valley of my PR death

I take a look at my life and realise there’s so much left

Cause I’ve been (news) jackin’ and pitchin’ so long that

I can’t even tell you where my bylines have gone…

So, aside from re-writing iconic rap songs that refer to the ‘PR Paradise’, I’ve spent just over two years at Propeller group. I started at the agency after finishing my job as a pub manager, and I’m working up to the top. Think… Al Murray turns Martin Sorrell.

I’m now moving to a completely new industry, one of content and marketing, but I can’t stress enough how much I’ll take from my experience and learnings in PR.

Well, I can try.

Here are my five learnings from working in PR which I know will help me to success in my next venture. Enjoy!

1. Let’s Stay Together… (Relationships)

It may seem like your boss tells you how important relationships are every week, but they are so right. It is sometimes daunting at junior level to contact senior journalists and clients, but what makes it easier is a clink of a glass and a good chat. And once you’ve done this, it becomes a lot easier.

2. Heard it through the grapevine… (networking)

A great place to meet the people mentioned above are networking events. You never know who you might bump into, learn from and laugh with. Don’t be afraid either, we all take a colleague for support, but don’t chat in the corner among yourselves – get out there, shake hands and be bold and you’ll be remembered.

3. Check-ch-check it out…(proofing)

Proofing, we all ‘do’ it, but we don’t do it well enough, and quite frankly journalists and clients hate it. I’ve had emails back refusing to cover things because of a typo, and how do you explain that to your client? Ask people to read your work, and then read it again yourself.

4. So fresh, so clean…(being up to date) 

We’ve all been there – when you’re chatting to someone, and you’re smiling and nodding awkwardly – but really you have no clue what they’re on about when they said ‘Oh wow did you see the IPA news today’… then ask you about it. Read, read, read, and be up to date. At Propeller we have a media meeting every morning to surface the latest stories and trends, but if your agency doesn’t – have one in your own head, it’ll help.

5. Right here, right now…(location)

Location is always important. You want to be in the centre of ad and media land. It’s much easier to convince yourself to go to an event that’s next to the office on a hangover rather than travelling across London to infinity and beyond.

And with those tips, it gives me great sadness to say goodbye to my fantastic agency – Propeller. I wish you all the best in your PR careers, and if you ever want to find me, I’ll be at The Big Shot over in Shoreditch.


Ben Robinson, Former Senior Account Executive