Location, location, location – why context is king in the marketing mix

This week Propeller headed over to Shoreditch for The Drum’s breakfast panel event and delved deep into location-based marketing. The panel featured Dan Read from TabMo, Nigel Fung of Google Waze and Bauer Media’s Ed Keohane – all discussing how location has revolutionised modern marketing.

Here are the key learnings from an insightful and engaging panel:

Marketers need to get the balance right with location-based marketing. The fundamental question brands need to ask themselves before they start a campaign is “what audience am I looking to target and with what message?”  Brands also need to put as much emphasis on the creative. After all, they can have the best science behind the data but if the creative message isn’t strong they’re unlikely to engage their desired audience.

Avoid the creepy factor. Customers will get spooked if brands go rogue with location-based data or misfire on campaigns. It’s imperative that brands understand from the off that “it’s their data, their lives… not yours”. the industry has to be self-policing and brands must be respectful of user’s data – if they’re not they risk damaging customer relationships.

Creating campaigns with this inbuilt trust and giving customers control of their data preferences will increase the value exchange, provide more insight and lead to more relevant opportunities. On the issue of data privacy, GDPR was generally seen as a good thing for the industry as it gives power back to the user. It will also create a level of trust and engagement never seen previously.

Finally, context is still king. Though it’s a bit of an industry mantra “right message, right person, right time” ultimately rings true when it comes to how brands should best specify, segment and engage with their audience. Location-based marketing is all about experience, and if customers are trusting of a brand then their experience will be better… a win-win for both parties.

Thank you to The Drum for hosting us and we’re looking forward to the next one!