My Experience with FEAST With Us – Christabel Allen

In a world where food waste and food poverty coexist, organisations like FEAST With Us have emerged as beacons of delectable hope. Dedicated to providing regular access to nutritious meals, nutrition education, and essential  cooking skills, FEAST With Us tackles the pervasive issue of food poverty by utilising surplus food that would otherwise go to waste. I had the privilege of organising a volunteering initiative with this incredible charity, where groups of enthusiastic Propellerites came together two by two to cook meals in various FEAST With Us locations across London. 

The FEAST With Us Difference:

The charity was founded by dietitian Hannah Style in 2015, originating as a hearty, weekly community meal at a hostel for the homeless. Each meal brought volunteers and people experiencing food insecurity together, to cook, learn, and eat as equals. Today, the charity now supports people seven days a week in hostels for the homeless across London and offers weekly services in various community centres. They also offer communal lunch/dining sessions for anyone struggling with food poverty, and a collection hot meal service that supports people with emergency supplies during a crisis. FEAST puts on educational workshops on healthy eating and gives the chance for all people experiencing food poverty to spend time and get comfortable in the kitchen. The mission is to help people feed themselves healthily and confidently, without the aid of FEAST.

One of the most inspiring aspects of FEAST With Us is their innovative approach to tackling food poverty. By rescuing surplus food from various sources, including supermarkets and restaurants, they transform discarded ingredients into nutritious and delicious meals. This not only addresses immediate hunger but also raises awareness about the staggering amount of food waste generated in our society. 

Cooking Together:

Volunteering with FEAST With Us, it quickly becomes clear that joy revolves around all that they do. Equipped with wooden spoons, peelers, whisks and a passion for making a difference, we gathered at different London locations to work alongside an experienced chef and learn about food preparation, kitchen hygiene, and the art of transforming simple ingredients into wholesome meals. At FEAST, it is obvious that a lot of love goes into creating and cooking meals intended to nourish the tummies and minds of those who need them most. The camaraderie and shared purpose within the kitchen created an environment filled with compassion and collaboration, all of us soon hungry to learn and do our bit.

Nurturing Communities:

FEAST With Us also focuses heavily on the importance of nutrition education and cooking skills. By organising workshops and interactive sessions, the organisation empowers individuals to make healthier food choices whilst equipping them with valuable culinary knowledge. It is this type of collaboration that allows volunteers to really engage with community members.

Volunteering with FEAST With Us has been an eye-opening and transformative experience. Visit their website at to take part in nurturing nutritious eating, community cohesion, and sustainability.