Off to Cannes but don’t know what to pack? Here’s our “must take” items

In two short weeks the great and the good of the media and advertising industries will soon be descending on Cannes for the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity. With the last physical event taking place in 2019, there are a number of people who have never attended the festival. 

So, we wanted to put together a couple of “must take” items for those making their first trip to the festival. 

Battery packs for phone chargers - take multiple and make sure they are fully charged. Your phone will be your main device – getting your laptop out is unwieldy and you often can’t see the screen in the sun.

A bag –  backpack recommended to fit all of this plus random swag you’ll pick up over the week. It’s much easier to throw something over your shoulder. We have an exclusive 20% discount off Roka bags with the discount code PROPELLER just visit to grab yours! 

Adaptors and leads - make sure you have multiple so you can charge multiple devices/battery packs etc while you sleep. One tip is to take an extension cable, so that you only need one adaptor! 

Water bottle - A decent refillable one – tap water in France is totally fine to drink. 

Euros in cash – for journo meets, it can be hard to wave down a waiter quickly to get them to bring a bill/ card machine quickly if you need to leave, so a good wedge of 10 Euro notes can be useful

Comfortable shoes - you’ll do a lot of walking up and down the Croisette, often in a rush. Make sure they have a decent sole so you don’t burn your feet. 

Sun supplies (suncream and a hat): There are plenty of pharmacies just off the Croisette for those restricted by hand luggage allowances, but it’s a must for those wanting to avoid sunburn! 

Pyjamas that you don’t mind colleagues seeing you in! To avoid any awkward run-ins. 

Data! – look into what your mobile provider allows as post brexit roaming charges may be back depending on your network.

An Events List:  Propeller collates a list of the must attend parties and events each year. You can download this, and request to meet with a member of the team here! To request your event guide download click here. Please note the guide will continue to be updated and the link will automatically update with added events. 

So now you are all set!