What will shift the dial for women in 2024? – International Women’s Day 2024

In celebration of International Women’s Day and this year’s theme ‘Inspiring Inclusion’, we asked some of our not-for-profit clients to share their thoughts on what will really shift the dial for women in 2024.

Lori Meakin, Exec Committee Member, WACL

“One thing that could massively shift the dial for women in 2024 is more men leaning in and driving gender equality too.

Evidence is clear that men really benefit from more gender-equal societies, workplaces and personal relationships. But some powerful voices are pushing the narrative that women’s gains must mean that men are losing out.

We need men to help us counter this zero-sum game myth that leaves 53% of men in Britain – including Gen Z men – believing that we’ve gone so far in promoting women’s equality that we’re now discriminating against men.

We can’t counter this backlash alone.”

Natasha Ferguson, Chief Operating Officer at The Taylor Bennett Foundation

“Integrity, accountability and authenticity are what we need more of to shift the dial for women of colour over the next year.

Diverse collaborations and campaigns within our industry bring influential, social and cultural impact to clients and societies we serve, and I would like to see more phenomenal diverse women in the decision-making rooms, recognised for their campaign curation and celebrated with promotions for delivering success.”

Ally Owen, Founder, Brixton Finishing School:

“The actions of men.

I don’t wish to be glib but I’m tired of women having to sort stuff out to create better conditions for women. We didn’t build the structures and societal norms that limit our potential – so let’s not ask women to do any more labour to gain gender parity. 

Thank you to all the menfolk who are already allies and working towards this goal – to those menfolk yet to do so – please, step up and play a positive part in a better future.”

Elizabeth Anyaegbuna, President, Bloom UK:

“Investing in inclusion isn’t just the right thing – it’s business-critical. As we look to the future generations we target, there is less tolerance for those who don’t or won’t.

Companies that develop female talent, promote visible role models, and foster cultures of true belonging will reap the rewards. More committed employees, fresh thinking that drives innovation, and a reputation attracting top talent. 

It’s time to move past performative and take real authentic action empowering our brilliant women to thrive.”

Nafissa Norris, Membership & Engagement Account Director, Conscious Advertising Network

“Advocating for gender equality from an intersectional perspective, we should strive to address systemic biases and empower women in professional settings. 

Our goal should be to contribute meaningful dialogue and policy formulation, working towards a future where every woman’s potential is realised and voices are respected.”